Friday, August 15, 2014

Anonymous said: YES!!! I KNEW YOU LIKED US, IRAN! (and it doesn't look bad on you)

Since Rouhani’s election, I’ve had a boom in tourism, including people from America! Even your Anthony Bourdain visited and filmed here (and spoke well of me and my people, thank you very much)! Honestly, this assumption that I must hate Americans is outrageous and a paranoid fantasy of that America’s imagination. 

but thank you, I could dress like a dehati and still look good.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


according to Sobhan Hassanvand, on August 8th, Mashhad’s Friday prayer Imam said that women wearing leggings is the root of Iran’s economic problems.

Iran doesn’t exactly approve of such a conclusion. 

interesting thing, my friend Holly wrote a short piece about the trend of wearing the American flag print in various garments in Iran :p (but Iran would rather avoid wearing such things in public herself!)

full views of 1, 2, 3

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Add in a little “marg bar america” and he’ll be off calling little Zion about what a big mean bully i am. There’s not much to like with that boy.

((a doodle update, sorry I’m not in top drawing shape right now :’())

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Anonymous said: Thank you for this blog. This is what inspired me and kept me motivated to not scrap my /favourite by amount of enthusiasm I have for them/ OC, Ghana. So thank you! =><= The art is beautifully. <3

((Ah that’s such an amazing compliment and I am so glad to hear it! I really hope that this blog can inspire you and others to keep doing what you’re doing, to improve and learn and enjoy drawing/writing your ocs!! don’t give up!! \;q;/

but I’d love to see your Ghana oc! I love other ppls hetalia ocs!

I love messages like this, thank you all so much, all my followers are really amazing!!))

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Anonymous said: Have you ever thought about drawing all of the countries in a human form in one picture? That would be amazing!!!!! I love love love looking at your artwork,and how you draw them with their traditional attire. It's intriguing and beautiful.

((Thank you so much for the compliments!!! I’m really glad you like my art!! ;q;/ and I have thought about that, honestly…..but I have so many ocs that it would probably take me FOREVER to finish that type of pic!

I’m a slow artist in general too so I’m not exaggerating lmfaoooo))


1/2 of anon’s request, here’s (fem) Morocco and Algeria will be coming up soon!

Moroccan kaftans are perhaps the prettiest garments I have ever seen ever ugh. So she’s sporting one and in the second pic she’s in regional Amazigh clothing! I feel as if her character design isn’t refined enough yet, so i’ll probably be tweaking it a little later on. 

full view of first pic here

((An anon on ask-Iran asked for maghrebi ocs too, so, here you go anon!!))

Friday, August 1, 2014

quick doodle of iran and fem!france being fashion buddies in the 70’s :O
iran may have had a lot of problems in the 70’s, but fashion wasn’t one of them :’)


quick doodle of iran and fem!france being fashion buddies in the 70’s :O

iran may have had a lot of problems in the 70’s, but fashion wasn’t one of them :’)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Anonymous said: If she is bi, then why homosexuality is illegal in Iran?

((I have never explicitly stated iran’s sexuality as hetero/homo/bi. You can interpret her as you like.

as for the second part of your message, because Iranian modernity and nationalism since the late Qajar era has had homophobia deeply engrained within it, prior to the reworkings of Iran’s sexuality and gender realms [that was influenced by European ideas of modernity btw, Europeans who came to Iran during the Qajar era continuously sniped at Iran’s supposed “backwardness” in the latent displays of homosexual/homoromantic/homosocial interaction between men and between women] Iran had its own ideas of sexuality and gender, bisexuality/homosocial desires were accommodated to some respects. Persian poetry has a long tradition of homoromantic themes. Some Iranian shahs during the Qajar era had explicit and exclusive desire for young men [amrads] and sex with women was for reproductive purposes.

The homophobia present in Iran [produced in society and in the judiciary] now is a result of this body of cultural/intellectual reworking. If you want to know more about these things, I suggest you read Afsaneh Najmabadi’s works. It would benefit you. I’ve already answered similar questions))

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Iran and India have been around each other for a very long time

clearly i’m still having a love affair with qajar clothing for iran rn but eh :’)

(full view of first pic here: )

((Iran sweating nervously in the distance))

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Anonymous said: I hope you do an Armenia as my mother is from Iran and my father is from Yerevan :) Please!

((AH THAT’S SO NEAT ;o;!! but aw ok i’ll do my best to try and come up with a decent Armenia haha :’) I AM ALWAYS LOOKING FOR PPL’S IDEAS FOR ARMENIA [in terms of personality, headcanon etc] IF U WANT TO YELL AT ME ABOUT ARMENIAN THINGS.

I’m always down for being yelled at about countries lmfao))